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Whether you're looking to reduce costs on calling to and from mobiles, overall telecoms spend or just voice rates, our suite of products can deliver exactly what your business needs.


Legal to use a GSM gateway since 2005
Ofcom regulations show it has been legal to use a GSM gateway since 2005. This was then under constant review until 2010, when Ofcom stated that GSM gateway usage will remain legal furthermore. Consultation Document - published by Ofcom on 29 June 2005: Ofcom has recently clarified that it is entirely legal under UK law for end-users (whether businesses or ordinary consumers) to buy, install and use GSM gateways for their own use.

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Don’t take my word for it
  • L2MC recommended installing a GSM gateway solution for our IT firm. We do make a lot of mobile phone calls from our landline so it made sense to go for it. As it turned out the GSM gateway has saved us over £1,500 in the first year. Once again, his recommendation was spot on. All savings are gratefully received in this recession, so THANKS!

    Howard Panas – PC Express
  • The British Red Cross would have no hesitation in recommending L2MC to any organisation considering a GSM gateway. We find them to be helpful, professional and particularly proactive on the account management side. A by-product of this solution was the free failsafe lines. When our BT lines failed, we temporarily routed all outbound calls over the gateway which helped keep us operational.

    British Red Cross
  • In this case, when it seems too good to be true, it is actually true! You do save a lot of money and straight away.

    RCI Holiday Network
  • I would recommend using L2MC to any organisation that is looking to implement a voice cost saving solution that delivers immediate results with a minimum of fuss, by a professional passionate team.

    IT Department