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Are you spending a fortune on landline to mobile calls? Are you looking to dramatically reduce your bill? Then look no further than our industry leading range of Fixed 2 Mobile Gateways.

Over half of the average business landline call spend consists of land to mobile calls. The percentage of telephone calls made to mobile phones is escalating, because of ever-increasing mobile phone usage. Many of us nowadays call mobiles as our preferred choice of getting in touch. Our F2M Gateway can reduce the cost of calling mobiles by between 40% and 60% with no upfront cost.

A GSM gateway is a facility that turns expensive calls from your office to a mobile phone into calls from within the GSM network.

Since calls from a fixed line to a mobile phone are generally very expensive, resulting bills are high and costs only ever seem to increase. However, calls from within the GSM network are usually much cheaper – or even free – enabling you to save money.

Our F2M GSM gateway is an intelligent device which recognises a mobile phone call when the digits 075 or 077 – 079 are dialled from any desk handset. The call then routes via SIM bundles, with each SIM carrying the relevant amount of minutes needed for each client.

The equipment L2MC supplies ranges from a single line analogue device for smaller businesses, through to a 32 channel device capable of making up to 30 simultaneous calls for larger organisations. Analogue, BRI, or VOIP devices will work with almost any phone system, whether it is analogue or digital, PSTN (e.g. BT) or cable.


250Ofcom regulations show it has been legal to use a GSM gateway since 2005. This was then under constant review until 2010, when Ofcom stated that GSM gateway usage will remain legal furthermore.

Consultation Document – published by Ofcom on 29 June 2005:

Ofcom has recently clarified that it is entirely legal under UK law for end-users (whether businesses or ordinary consumers) to buy, install and use GSM gateways for their own use.

Update published 19 March 2010:

Ofcom has been reviewing the current regulatory regime for authorisation of SIM gateways. In the course of doing so, Ofcom has engaged closely with relevant Government departments on the issues arising. As a result Ofcom no longer intends to consult on changes to the authorisation regime for SIM gateways. Therefore the current legislative framework for authorisation will continue.

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