Hosted Voip

250Our Hosted VoIP is offered on a free per seat basis, with free hold, park, online click to call, receive SMS, voicemail, fax to email, fax to mailbox, conferences, call waiting and many more business based features included as part of your line rental.

There are three major benefits to this service:

1. You already have the infrastructure in place

Any business that already has a broadband connection can very easily add a VoIP-based phone system (a phone that transmits voice communication over the internet instead of a separate set of dedicated telephone wires).

By doing so you get more for less. Since you are already paying for the high-speed Internet connection, making the switch to VoIP has never been easier or been more cost-effective.

2. Low cost calling

This is the main feature of VoIP that makes it appealing to the average user. Rather than paying a long-distance fee to your landline provider, or racking up charges making international calls on a mobile phone, you can pay a low fee to a VoIP provider, which connects the call through the Internet at a much cheaper rate.

Since VoIP utilises your existing Internet connection, you no longer pay for access and usage fees on two separate sets of wires.

3. Create a bigger presence for your business

Want to have a London phone number but not based there? Want to have an international presence in locations you are not (yet) in? With VoIP that is not a problem.

We offer Direct Incoming Dial numbers from over 40 countries around the World giving your business an International presence and allowing callers in these countries to phone you on your VoIP for Business telephones in your office for the cost of a local/national call from their telephone carrier.

L2MC levy no seat charge, so we can save you even more money

The main benefit we have over all our competition, is L2MC levy no seat charge. Whereas other suppliers charge £5 to £10 per extension, you can get as many extensions as you want completely free of any monthly charges. This means another carrier could be up to £1,000 a month more expensive on a 100 to 200 seat solution.

Many free features that are charged for elsewhere

L2MC also include many free features that the others charge for, such as holdparkonline click to callreceive SMS, voicemailfax to emailfax to mailboxconferencescall waiting and many more.

Why choose our Hosted VOIP service?
  • Share Lines Between Sites
  • Low Cost Calls
  • Control Via an Online Portal
  • Feature Enriched
  • No seat charge, saving you up to £1,000 a month on a 100 to 200 seat solution

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