Smartphones for Business

L2MC have been supplying mobile phone contracts on all networks since 2005

Most suppliers either give you a free phone on contract at circa £65 monthly. Or a SIM only deal at £15 to £20 monthly with an upfront cost circa £650 for the phone

  • L2MC offer a third way
  • A SIM only contract with a free Smartphone

L2MC combine the best financial deal with a normally unavailable free phone.

To our knowledge and at the time of going to press, we believe this is unique in the marketplace.

We can do this for two very good reasons. 

  • We are not greedy, choosing to earn a small profit and doing the volumes.
  • We supply high quality but lower cost Chinese Smartphones

homtom-ht3-pro-1 (1)


All our phones have been tested in house, so quality is assured

Contract term 24 months
Standard uk landline and mobile callsUnlimited
Uk textsUnlimited
Free handsetHOMTOM HT3 Pro 4G
Monthly rental £17 + VAT

Contract term 1 month
Standard uk landline and mobile callsUnlimited
Uk textsUnlimited
HandsetHOMTOM HT3 Pro 4G
Cost of handset£100 + VAT
Monthly rental £25 + VAT

So anyone for a Chinese Takeaway?

Within a period of 3 months from the purchase date, buyers can send back items for free repairs. Buyers pay the shipping fees for sending the item back to China, while we pay the shipping fees to resend the item back to the buyer.

After the 3 month warranty period, buyer can still send the item back for repair. However, the buyer is responsible for paying all the shipping fees both ways.

Note: If the buyer has damaged the item(s), which invalidates the 12 month manufacturer warranty and some components need to be changed, we will charge for the original value of the components. In that case, the customer is responsible for all shipping fees involved in the process.

L2MC will supply a loan phone whilst the repair is done.

The O2 digital offering
The O2 digital offering is a range of business apps designed to compliment each other and the customers communication setup, making the business more streamlined, cost effective and collaborative. They allow the customer the flexibility to run their business on their terms. It allows the customer to run his business anywhere, anytime secure in the knowledge that his data is accessible but protected
350 McAfee Multi-Access provides you with the security protection you need for all the devices your customers’ employees use. One comprehensive solution protects multiple devices including PCs, Macs, tablets, or smartphones. You can install any combination of the 5 product licenses provided on any of your devices and manage your security from a central location.
Office 365
350Office 365 is the same Office you already know and use every day. And then some. Because Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere on PC, Mac, tablets and mobiles, plus they’re always up to date. Same goes for features, which get updated automatically. The features include, advanced email, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Office suite, Yammer and many more. Manage Your Content in the Cloud. Box is reinventing how businesses share, manage and access content. Maintenance, shared logins, downtime, clunky file servers – they’re all a thing of the past as you collaborate and share important content anywhere, on any device.
350TU Go allows O2 customers to make and receive calls, send text messages and receive Visual Voicemail over WiFi when there is poor or no GSM signal. TUGo is already being used by over 400,000 consumer customers and is now available to O2 Business customers.
O2 Just Call Me
350 O2 Just Call Me is a new app that lets you arrange conference calls for a fixed monthly fee. No awkward PIN codes. And no premium rate dial-in numbers. Only the host need to download the app, participants don’t need to, all anyone needs to join a conference is your usual mobile phone number.

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