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If you are looking to reduce your costs of land to mobile calls then GSM Gateways will certainly deliver. You should have no issues in the reliability or quality due to the care taken during implementation. With regard to looking for a company that is reliable, will do a good job and then continue to ensure that you take maximum advantage on your investment, then I cannot recommend L2MC highly enough.

Head of IT – Kellan Group (www.kellangroup.co.uk)

SEWS Europe is responsible for the design, manufacture and supply of fuse boxes and electronics, wiring harnesses and connectors to most of Europe’s leading motor manufacturers. Working in close collaboration with our group resources in Japan, SEWS Europe Ltd pursues an aggressive research and development strategy to produce innovative, high-technology products.

Our commitment to unsurpassed product quality, superior service, unbeatable value and customer satisfaction makes us the natural choice for the European automotive industry. SEWS-E operates from 40 locations across Europe and North Africa, including Sales and Engineering Offices, Manufacturing Plants and Customer Service Centres. Given the nature of the business, Information Systems are critical to the success of the organisation. A world-class integrated voice and data network, offers cost effective, highly resilient and flexible communications platform.
Configuration work was completed on time and to a high standard.

In early 2007 SEWS-E converged its internal voice systems at 40 locations onto the Mitel 3300 VOIP platform. By adopting VOIP SEWS-E was able to significantly reduce its telephony plant, PSTN access, maintenance costs whilst significantly improving internal communications. The VOIP platform allowed the least cost routing of calls across its international locations. As we consolidated our ISDN access we required a partner to provide access resilience and best-cost Landline to Mobile calls. SEWS-E IT Management contacted a number of providers of Landline to Mobile solutions. L2MC were able to work with SEWS-E to carefully analyse the combined call volumes and propose a solution.

The final L2MC solution included a 4 Port GSM gateway connected to the ISDN 30 access of the SEWS-E HQ Mitel controller. Configuration work was completed on time and to a high standard. The solution not only provides a low cost breakout from the Mitel VOIP network to Mobiles, but also resilience against failure of the ISDN 30 landline. SEWS-E was able to improve resilience whilst significantly reducing cost. Since installed in 2007, the solution has been reliable and requires a minimal amount of administration. SEWS-E continues to work with L2MC as it considers the viability of GSM access in its other European and North African territories.

IT Department – SEWS Group (www.sews-e.com)

I would recommend using L2MC to any organisation that is looking to implement a voice cost saving solution that delivers immediate results with a minimum of fuss, by a professional passionate team.

IT Department – Office Angels (www.office-angels.com)

In this case, when it seems too good to be true, it is actually true! You do save a lot of money and straight away.

IT Department – RCI Holiday Network (www.rci.com)

The British Red Cross would have no hesitation in recommending L2MC to any organisation considering a GSM gateway. We find them to be helpful, professional and particularly proactive on the account management side. A by-product of this solution was the free failsafe lines. When our BT lines failed, we temporarily routed all outbound calls over the gateway which helped keep us operational.

IT Department – British Red Cross (www.redcross.org.uk)

L2MC recommended installing a GSM gateway solution for our IT firm. We do make a lot of mobile phone calls from our landline so it made sense to go for it. As it turned out the GSM gateway has saved us over £1,500 in the first year. Once again, his recommendation was spot on. All savings are gratefully received in this recession, so THANKS!

Howard Panas – PC Express (www.pcexpress.co.uk)

We have saved on money landline to mobile call charges, received good service and have always found L2MC professional and easy to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending L2MC to any company looking for a GSM gateway solution.

IT Department – Weatherseal (www.weatherseal.co.uk)

The Yorkshire Building Society has consistently saved money on calls to mobiles over the last 4 years. The L2MC GSM gateway sits centrally at head office and allows all remote offices to route calls via our MPLS network. We would recommend L2MC to anyone looking to cut fixed to mobile call costs.

IT Department – Yorkshire Building Society (www.ybs.co.uk)


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